• Global Human Need Solutions
    Renewable Energy (Marine Hydrokinetics)
    Water Quality and Desalination
    Food Production and Security
    Environmental Engineering
  • SME Support
    Foreign Trade and Engagement
    Relationship Management
    University Knowledge Transfer
    UAE National Entrepreneurship Development
  • Beyond The Boundaries
    of Business Barriers
    Fine-Tuning for Growth.
    We identify options to enhance the growth performance
    of the existing business through new segments,
    reprioritized investments, new processes,
    and new policies.
TLB Enterprises provides solutions for the Global Human Need. We are an Enterprises Solutions Group for clean technology into emerging markets.

Business Beyond Boundaries

We are expanding into the area of contractual negotiations for business transactions that mutually agreeable parties enter into to do business globally.This strategic approach enables us to access a world-class, worldwide network of support for small- and medium-sized businesses providing support in emerging countries to gain access to the highest levels of business intelligence.

Increase Your profits

The TLB Enterprises Group Holding’s program uses a Work Flow Process Strategy that takes into consideration, daily operations strategies which will utilize a commitment to the “SPEEDY Work Flow Process” ™ in which everyone throughout the organization can communicate. It then becomes the operations standard, allowing for a common language to spoken by everyone.

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Benefits of our Services

Our benefits of the service we offer are evident from day one when we engage your organization in the early stage of consulting through the assessment and analysis of the entire process:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Revenue Generation
  • Communications Clarity
  • Teamwork Improvement
  • Clear Direction and Focus
  • Synchronized Vision
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